More Immunization Reimbursement

Well, sadly, not more reimbursement. That's the problem. More about it.

From the Washington Post, we have another piece similar to last month's NYT article about the problems with immunization reimbursement for private practice pediatricians. It would be hard to overstate the importance of this subject in our world these days. Dr. Lessin is quoted again, so those coming to see him at our Users' Conference should expect more of the same (he's no shrinking violet):

I have to pay for nursing time, supplies, syringes, alcohol pads, dropped doses and time to explain it," Lessin said of the ancillary costs of providing vaccines. "And when insurance companies decide to pay me $122 per dose and take three months to pay, I can't afford to do it. For insurance companies that are paying me $140 or $150 a dose, I'll give it."

I then got a message about Beechstreet's continued lowball reimbursement for some key imms (like ProQuad at $35 or something like that when it costs >$100/dose to purchase...someone correct me if I'm wrong).  Given all the other problems with Beechstreet, I often wonder why practices even participate with them.