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More Housecleaning

February 01, 2008 / 0 Comments / in insurance, pediatric, SOAPM, aap / by Chip Hart

I have a backup of pediatric benchmarks (a really cool location-adjusted revenue one is coming), but some items I have to get out of my queue:

  • A WSJ view of a program being put together by some major employers (Bridges to Excellence) to promote the use of the medical home.  Skipping the middle-man (known as the insurance companies), why not pay physicians part of the savings from keeping employees healthy?  The faster we move away from health-insurance-as-a-means-of-cash-flow-management, the better.  One of our clients in Maryland used this program to pay for their EHR two years ago...
  • UHC has extended its relationship with Epocrates.  I had head from some clients how "typical" it was of UHC for it to cancel the relationship with the popular hand-held drug reference, it's good to see that it has done the smart thing.  Note that SOAPM, PPAAC, and, particular, Dr. Anne Francis were instrumental in getting this to happen.  Good work.  I don't understand what the down-side is to UHC, afterall.

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