Meet With Me at the NCE

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It has taken me a little effort to get over the feeling of self-aggrandizement of this note but the weight of being disorganized at the AAP NCE meeting is too much!  Every year at the NCE, as I dash from one seminar to the exhibit hall to a SOAPM event, I get to spend a few great minutes talking to the pediatricians I run into.  "My practice is losing money!" and "My biller just quit!" and "Our senior partner stopped taking call and doesn't want a pay cut!" - and because of the schedule, I feel like I don't get to pay attention like I should.

Thus, this year's experiment!  Imagine Charlie Brown in his advice booth - that's where I'll be.  PCC Booth #400. Click here to schedule a time to sit down with me for 15 minutes and give free practice management advice.  If we need more time, we'll schedule more time.  If I have friends in the hall who can help you, I'll make the introduction. But I won't have to hope we run into each other in the hall or on our way to dinner.