Live From the Pediatric Coding and Practice Management Event!

I have a vision of being one of those fancy bloggers who somehow writes a "live" blog from some important event. I don't know why, but it seems cool.
So, as I type, Dr. Tuck is giving the first full lecture of the day, his CPT 101 course. Dr. Lander goes next with his "Give Me the Money" bit. My quick assessment of the crowd today:

  • A lot of PCC clients! Good to see them.
  • This crowd is famished for this information.

I want to get these people to our UC in Vermont this summer.
In NYC, we were (somehow) really good at staying on schedule. Today, we started 10m late and we're going to have to squish Dr. Tuck more than we'd like, I suspect. This is the cornerstone talk, so we're cutting him some slack :-)
Of course, he did his course on time and we're almost back on track. It is always a pleasure working with the pros.
Dr. Lander is on now. I like putting these practice management talks back-to-back with the CPT content. Talking CPTs for 2 hours (or more) will fry any brain. So, talking codes then talking money then talking codes, etc., breaks it up well.
Dr. Lander just name-dropped the Verden Alerts, which is cool!
In theory, we had to cut the break in 1/2, but then we went over on the break by almost 15m again. Ay yi yi! Too many people, too many questions (I'm not complaining). Some of the index card questions we got were awesome.
Dr. Tuck is up for Power CPT Coding now and I'm up next for Pediatric Compensation Models (which I like doing). I'll have to go quickly...and note to self: use the facilities now, not just before I need to talk. OK, back after my talk.