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Live From Dallas + Some Correlations

I am, again, in the back of the room at our Coding and Practice management event and listening to Dr. Tuck. I have to steal a line or two from him, he’s got some good ones. Dr. Lander is next.

I’ve noticed some real changes in the audiences I speak to over the last few years. Today, when I ask, “Who uses RVUs to set prices?” most of the hands go up. Even 2-3 years ago, almost none went up. I like that.

Oh, I did get to make the first official announcement of our Disney C&PM event!  Woohoo!

While Dr. Lander now explains how to collect money, let me share a few things we learned recently. Igor and I have been working on our “clinical benchmark” for PCC clients. Essentially, we’ve defined a series of pediatric specific measurements that even non-PCC clients can generate to get some sense of their clinical effectiveness. To do this, we started by making some assumptions and then ran the data. Then, we reviewed the results to confirm or deny our suspicions. We turned up some interesting results:

  • There is a strong negative correlation between the percentage of Medicaid patients in a practice and how many of their asthmatics are caught up with their flu shots.  [Note, this is, in part, due to those patients getting their shots elsewhere.]
  • There is also a strong negative correlation between Medicaid presence and patients being up to date for their physicals.
  • There is no correlation, however, between Medicaid and the Sick:Well visit ratio among our clients.  I found that fascinating.  It flies in the face of the “Medicaid clinic” stereotype, and it also shows that our clients are preventive care focused across the board.

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