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July Pediatric Event Followup

As you know, we held our 4th AAP-endorsed pediatric practice management event in the middle of our annual Users' Conference at Disney this July.  I thought it went swimmingly, but of course I'm talking the entire time so I don't give anyone a chance to complain.

I thought I'd share some of the results of our surveys of the non-PCC folks who attended.  I'm glad to share the PCC-client results, too, but those are kind of silly :-)

First, specific questions with averaged answers:


 Question Score (1-10)
 The overall choice of available courses met my needs. 9.83
 The food and beverages met my needs/wants. 9.80
 I had ample opportunities to network with people from other practices. 9.08

Don't get the wrong impression - I'm not leaving any scores out, these are just the only questions with a 1-10 rating in them.  We asked a lot of questions which require non-numerical answers, such as, "Which courses did you benefit from most and why?
" and we learned that every class got named at least two times - hard to tell what the most popular class was.

We plan to return to Florida - hosted by the University of Miami - in January.  An announcement here shortly.

And back with the promised well visit data shortly, still working on it.  I promise that it's pediatric benchmark data gold.

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