"Is This Thing On?"

OK, pardon us as we switch mics.

Took a little hiatus, there, as we work on major improvements to thesite.  To make a long story short, we will shortly be moving thisentire shindig over to pedsource.com/chipsblog.  Part of our effort to distinguish more clearly between what PCC does and our consulting.

If you use any RSS, blog-watch, etc., tools to follow this blog, please point them pedsource.com/chipsblog now!


As a result of not posting, I have a HUGE backlog to get through.  Iwill attempt to amend that now as I prepare for our AAP-endorsed coding an practice management event in Dallas later this week.  Speaking of, mark your calendars for July 22-24 or so.  Think Orlando, FL (is there anything to do there…?) and a two-day pediatric event.

I’ll have another entry out shortly.