I'm Going To Africa

Last fall, Dr. Stoller called me.  "Do you know anyone who can do general repair like light carpentry or electrical work, is pretty technical, likes to take pictures, and can write about the kids we perform surgeries on in Ghana?"  Hmmm, let me think.

Sure, it was a setup, but I am appreciative and quite honored to be allowed, frankly, to participate in Our Chance International's annual trip to Ghana from March 5-15.  Their story is not an unusual one, but a good one nonetheless.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to help some people who need help in a way that puts things in perspective for me.  My only anxiety, really, is being away from my family for so long...but I understand that I'll be tired enough that I won't notice.

I have no idea how "connected" I'll be in Ghana, so no promises about the blog.  I expect to post some photos and stories, though, and then return to my humble pediatric practice management roots when I get back.