If Crime Doesn't Pay, How About Being A Pediatrician?

First, I am on the road this week - visiting clients, enjoying some upgrade work (keeps me fresh), and picking up a new pinball machine while our old one gets worked on. New Jersey is always an interesting place for me to visit, I must say. Pardon me for my brevity and inattention, meanwhile.

Earlier today, on PedTalk, Dr. Lessin posted an eye-opening PDF along with the commentary below:

I have attached a pdf of the latest Medical society of the State of

New York issue of News of New York. (This is the only way that I

could get the data).

If one goes to page 9, one will see a chart of starting salary by

specialty out of residency in NYS. At the very bottom, fully 30%

lower than any other specialty, is general pediatrics. We were 50%

below other primary care specialties and only a fraction of the

surgical specialties.

Who wouldn't want to practice here?

Yikes. Meanwhile, Dr. McGuire claims...stupidity? and looks like he will keep his hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. Hey pediatricians - that's where your money went. Maybe crime does pay.