HPV Coverage

Last week, there was discussion on the SOAPM list about HPV coverage rates and the factors that affect it.  There is some consensus that the importance of this vaccine is more difficult to communicate to parents as many of them (illogically) relate it to sexual activity and don't want to open that Pandora's Box with their 9yo.

I accidentally ended the conversation when I supported Dr. Diasio's position that there is a broad range of physician effectiveness when "selling" this vaccine (anti-vaxxers, zip it).  I know many of you endeavor tirelessly to work this vaccine into the routine schedule, but it just lacks the same dramatic punch as pertussis or polio.  And that difference shows up in the results.

I'm extracting this data from an HPV coverage benchmark for our clients.

Percentage of Active Patients 13-17 Years Old with 3 HPV Vaccines
Total Coverage - 29%
Female Coverage - 34%
Male Coverage - 24%

Yes, slightly fewer than 3 in 10 children between the ages of 13 and 17 have completed their HPV series.  The italics represent my editorial position.  That's just the average, though - what does the distribution look like among PCC practices?

HPV Coverage

As you can see, the majority of PCC clients are between 20-40% coverage, but there's a long tail at 50% or higher.  >15% of pediatric offices have an HPV coverage rate that is double the national average.  That's significant.  Perhaps I'll invite some of them here to share their secrets.