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Holiday Reading

Today's missive has no practice management value.  It is pediatric related, though.

I travel a fair amount for work (how else would most of you know me?).  Which means I spend times in planes, airports, and hotel rooms.  As a result, in addition to my predisposition, I read a lot.

Most of the time, I try to read something of substance.  That is, I try to avoid the schlock...but sometimes, in between flights, you reach for the best seller lists and see what happens.  [Plus, I will admit, some of the schlock is a good break.]

I was coming back from El Paso two weeks ago and I picked up "Tell No One" by Harlan Coben.  It's not one of his Bolitar series, but a one-off about a widower who is suddenly struck with information that his wife may actually be alive.  Typical page-turning, made-for-movie material.  But not bad.  Turns out that it is a well-received French movie, now, too.

The interesting part, however, is that the protagonist is a pediatrician!  He practices at a clinic in "upper Manhattan."  Don't know if he's a pediatrician in the movie, but I have obviously read the "pediatric" moments of the book closely.  You won't be disappointed!

First one to ask me for my copy gets it.

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