Grab Bag

Time to broom out the mailbox.  In no particular order:

  • Someone(s) at PCC took the time to update our "How To Write A Financial Policy" article over on PedSource.  Good content.
  • Head over to the AMA lawsuit page from time to time.If you participate with Well Point/Anthem, Health Net, Humana, BCBS or many others and you are having trouble getting paid for add-on codes or the -25/59 modifiers, you can file a complaint and get some resolution.  Poke around there.
  • Now the Washington Post is starting to wonder if the CCHIT/HIMSS connection is a little too cozy.  As a card-carrying member of one of the CCHIT workgroup committees, I fully support some significant chunk of what CCHIT has tried to do.  50%? 70%? 40%?  I don't know, but it's big.  However, I also share many of the concerns that some industry watchdogs outline, and the Obama-bucks are only making things worse.
  • The AMA, whom I usually critique, is at least helping physicians prepare for the change to ICD-10.  You can attend their teleconference and ogle their presentation about ICD-10 prep.
  • I've been speaking to 5 practices, lately, about starting some flavor of concierge pediatric practices!  I'm thinking of putting together a resource site for them - mailing list, documents, etc.  Any interest?  Here's another article about a practice who is living the dream.  Thanks to for spotting it.
  • Did I mention that our summer practice management and coding event in Orlando is now officially endorsed by the AAP?  No? is!  Sign up, space really is limited.
  • If you're not reading the Pediatric Inc. blog, start now.  Sure, he flatters me all the time, but that's not nearly as important as his great content.  I won't go on-and-on about why I like it except to say: he hits the nail on the head over and over again.  Required reading, imo.