Contest...with real prizes!

Readers of this blog should know that I produce a bi-weekly podcast/mediacast with Brandon Betancourt.  We discuss all-things-pediatric-practice-management-related. Last week, we had the great listener suggestion to consider the holiday season and discuss the things for which we are grateful and the things on our "practice management" New Year's Resolutions lists.

One of the key resolutions I'd like practices to make this year is to attend a practice management conference.  It's not just that listening to real experts can have a profoundly positive effect on your practice.  It's the actual effort of getting out of your practice and interacting with other pediatric groups that really makes the difference.  When you hear from someone who used to be in your shoes explain how they solved the very problem tying you in knots, you listen.

Without thinking, I then offered up a prize: I will pay for two tickets to any one of the remaining PMI seminars (Washington DC, Tampa, Dallas, Rochester) to the person who gives me the best Resolution for 2014.  Here are the "rules:"

  • Email me or leave a comment below with an example of something you plan to do in 2014 to improve your practice.  I will share your response, even if anonymously, here on the blog and podcast.
  • Special consideration will be given for more detailed responses.  Someone emailing to say, "Oh, I'm going to increase my revenue per visit by 20%!" (which is a great goal but horrible resolution) isn't going to beat out someone who explains how she is going to dig out all of her insurance contracts and highlight all of the Evergreen dates on the practice calendar.
  • I will provide 2 tickets to the winner - so a physician and staff member can attend.  If the winner can only go solo, I will chose a second winner.

At the last PMI event I attended, I made a promise to everyone in the room: if you don't get your money's worth from this event, I'd personally refund their money.  Here's what one of them had to say:

"Without hyperbole, I suspect that by 10am Tuesday, I paid for my entry fee and by close of day, paid off my airplane fare and hotel costs. I will be recommending this seminar to anyone who will listen."

Let's hear from you.  What are you going to do differently in 2014? What project, what plan are you going to tackle?  Tell me and win big.

P.S. - Email me directly and I'll give you a code to help you save on the PMI meeting even if you don't win!