Contest Ending / Medicaid Poll / Data Coming

First order of business: more resolutions. From a practice manager in NJ who shall go nameless, lest his staff read this blog:

We are taking over my wife’s practice and I have been overseeing the staff now for a month. The “back office” (billing) and the “front office” just don’t get along. My Resolution is to somehow change not only the culture of the office (toxic) but to harmonize the front and back offices so that we are 1 team, not departments. How, you ask, can I do that? Well, in my opinion, showing the nurses / billers how hard the other’s job is and to instill the goal of the practice to be happy and profitable. I feel like I will be running uphill in this battle. The tickets would be amazing for me to utilize in learning how to do this business. I currently run an events registration business and will have this on my plate as well.

Oh, don't many of us know exactly how this PM feels? He also plays the sympathy card quite effectively! Well done.

I plan to end the contest tomorrow, after which I will announce the winners.  If you have something to say, do so ASAP.

I've added a poll to the blog to help learn about things happening in different parts of the country.  At the moment, I'm interested in Medicaid payments - are you getting your "booster" yet or not?  It only takes one click to contribute to our mutual knowledge.  Look over there -> on the right side of the page.

As early as tomorrow, I will be posting updated data about pediatric 99050, 99051, and 99058 usage.  Stay tuned.  How will you know when I post it?  Just subscribe to this blog using the box in the upper right corner of the page. Free, easy.