Coding Conference Update

I have a backup of info to share, but I thought I’d throw this up today in my hurry.

Our admin folks compiled the surveys from the coding/pm event in Columbus last week and here are the results:

Speaker Knowledge of Subject: 4 (out of 4)  [yes, a perfect score from all the attendees]

Preparation Presentation: 3.96 [nearly perfect]

Class Materials: 3.88

Time Spent Covering Info: 3.79 [folks always want more time]

How Would You Rate Overall: 3.9 [I wanted a perfect score, close]

That makes me quite happy.  The comments were great, too:

…Very informative and useful information.
…Great lectures. Very interesting. Lots of detail. Very valuable info.
…It was well worth it!
…Excellent and knowledgeable speakers.
..It was a pleasure. Looking forward to future seminars.

I bring this up because we are shooting for another event in January in Dallas (details soon) and perhaps one in Philadelphia in the spring. If anyone wants one of these events nearby (perhaps AAP endorsed!), let me know!