Chipsblog Podcast Episode 4: 5 Pediatric EHR Challenges

I'm back with a fresh podcast!

In this episode, I spend a little under 20 minutes describing 5 things every pediatric practice should consider before purchasing an EHR.  If you're a PCC client already, sure - maybe this is old news.  But if you are a pediatrician, even if you're never going to consider PCC, spend 17 minutes and get an insider's view of what the important features of a pediatric EHR are - my answers will surprise you, I promise.

During the podcast, I refer to PCC's productivity calculator - it's a free on-line tool we developed to let any physician - not just PCC clients, not just pediatricians! - calculate the impact of an EHR on productivity.  A few days after we recorded this podcast, we updated our WWW site, so the location has actually changed!  You can find the productivity calculator here.