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Catch Up and Dashboards

I have been a little remiss in my blog duties lately - "work" intervenes. As I type, I am attending a class on dashboard design with Igor. We've been fascinated by what we have learned during our development of our PCC dashboards - if you want to check out a sample, go for it (name: demo, password: pccsales). This is a shot of our new Pediatric Financial Pulse while we work on the clinical one.

After some discussion, Igor and I have agreed that we could make a cool spreadsheet tool for non-PCC customers to calculate their own Financial Pulses. Although you would have to calculate a number of the figures yourself, and we can't do all of the measurements, it would still include all kinds of PCC's magic pediatric benchmarks, etc. And the price would be right. We'll see how that goes, I have to get started on it.

New topic - phreesia.com. It came up on the SOAPM list. The concept is interesting enough, but we have the constant challenge of things like this:

Phreesia's educational content is derived from two separate sources:

We have sponsored content provided by some of the most prominent companies in the health care industry.

I certainly don't blame Phreesia (someone has to pay the bills!), so I'm curious to hear from anyone out there who is using them. Cool? Not cool? Comments are anonymous if you wish, but you can always write me directly.

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