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CA Chapter 1 AAP Meeting Review

April 26, 2014 / 0 Comments / in events / by Chip Hart

I am enjoying my second day of the CA Chapter 1 AAP meeting here in Tahoe. As a veteran of too many regional AAP meetings, I find it easy to be dulled by the usual flight/hotel/talk/meal/hotel/flight routine - not that I mind it, of course, but it can be so exhausting.

I've been energized at this event by not only the usual sources (meeting friends and clients, old and new), but got the biggest boost during my social media class. I can't even discuss my topic here, as 1/2 of my class should have taught the class - and later did - instead of me. Little did I know I'd have a small collection of Twitterati (including no less than @NatashaRajaMD, @hkroman, @Melissa_DrMom) in the room  - and later we all got to see an excellent presentation from Wendy Sue Swanson today. She came in via Skype and it was impressive even with the technical challenges.

I mention this because I can't think of another pediatric event I've attended or participated in with this level of social media understanding or insight.  It shouldn't be a surprise that it came out of this particular chapter and I think it represents an important part of the future.  I think I need to talk to our UC team and also get these amazing docs on the PPMMC.

My thanks go to Nelson Branco for putting the event together.

Next week, I'll be at the Massachusetts Chapter AAP meeting.  Please come say hello!

And don't miss the latest episode of the Pediatric Practice Management Mediacast, where Brandon and I discuss RBCs and the poor marketing of most pediatric practices!

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