Bungee Blogging!

I've been erratic, I know, but that's life on the road (another broken hard drive!) and at home with two H1N1 kids.  Here's the latest:

    •  Can't avoid swine flu issues. Did folks know that to add to all the confusion, it looks like the big clearinghouses weren't paying attention either. At least three of the biggest fish in the pond (Availity, Capario, Emdeon) were erroneously rejecting H1N1 claims last week.  How can this not be a float conspiracy?

Anyway, one of the big clearinghouses re-submitted all the claims - good work.  The others?  How's this for customer service?

Apparently, we discussed it [reprocessing affected claims], but since we cannot identify the procedure codes rejected in error, we have to [sic] requested the clients resubmit the claims."

Quote straight to our EDI guys from a clearinghouse.  Insane.

  •  Greg @ OP has an interesting live blog from the experience his wife's office had with their flu clinic last weekend.  A must-read for those in the pediatric EHR biz.
  •  More Swine follies.  From a client in NJ, his experiences with the NJ imms registry:

    The biggest problem is that it will accept the data only for those children already in the registry, predominantly those born in state in the last 7-10 years or however long this has been running. Anyone older or from out of state who was not entered subsequently will have to entered manually now. I didn't check but I'd bet that's the majority unless you are limiting the vaccine to the younger ages right now.

  • Finally, I bet this ICD-9 to ICD-10 tool will come in handy.

Really, I mean it - interesting data ASAP.  I have a ton of it!