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Bright Futures Periodicity Schedule - CPT Perspective!

March 29, 2017 / 0 Comments / in coding, cpt, bright futures / by Chip Hart

With the new release of Bright Futures v4.0, many of you raced right to the famous BF periodicity schedule, just like we did.  I probably refer to that grid once or twice a month as I consult with practices or give a presentation to pediatricians about what they are supposed to be doing during well visits.

Here at PCC, with the help of Jan (OK, she and Cole did all the work), we've taken the schedule and converted it to a coding table.  Our clients gave us a little feedback and, because of the size of this thing, we broke it into sections based on the age of the patients.  In essence, we identify the different services, with corresponding potential ICD10 and CPT codes.  We also highlight changes in the new version - click away below to grab the PDF.

Click on the image to download the PDF!

I also checked in with Dr. Barbara Howard at CHADIS to learn about resources for some of the items on the list.  Yes, we know that CHADIS specializes in delivering standardized tools for all those Developmental and Behavioral Screenings, but I didn't realize they also offer the questionnaires and documentation cues referred to here that are required for EPSDT visits, etc.

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