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Awesome Free Pediatric Resources

July 10, 2018 / 0 Comments / in seminar, webinar / by Chip Hart

[First, don't miss the free Revenue Cycle seminar for pediatricians!]

I've got a stack of awesome pediatric resources to share.  I know how difficult it is to keep up with everything it takes to remain an independent pediatrician, so I try to curate the most important information in one place. 

  • PCC just fired up the Smart Pediatric Resources site, which includes our webinars, our videos, our podcasts, our whitepapers, and some cool resources you can't get anywhere (Bright Futures Periodicity Coding guide, anyone?).  All free.  Enjoy.
  • The Verden Group just released their Summer Solstice issue of the Verden Viewpoint, which remains the most content-dense option for those seeking pediatric insight.
  • How about the Pediatric Innovation Summit?  I'm moderating an on-line panel of some of the most interesting folks in the pediatric innovation sphere.  Yes, it's another free webinar.  No, you can't get content like this anywhere else.  Thanks to GoCheck Kids for putting it together.  July 20th, noon EDT.


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