Awesome Pediatric Practice Management/Coding Event

I get a few requests every month for when the next "pediatric coding or practice management conference is being held."  Based on what I continue to see in most independent pediatric practices, this kind of education is still vital.

The Coding Institute has finalized their pediatric agenda for an event in Orlando from Dec 5 through Dec 7 and it features 3 great speakers  - Rick Tuck, Donelle Holle, Jan Blanchard, and then me.  The schedule runs as follows:

Dec 5 - Pre Conference
Donelle Holle - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Pediatric Coding

Dec 6 - Conference
Donelle Holle - E&M Coding and Documentation
Donelle Holle - Pediatric Hot Areas: Top Procedures and Billing Problems
Jan Blanchard - ICD10 CM Pediatrics: Identify the New Codes You’ll Use and Their Requirements
Jan Blanchard - Coding For Bright Futures
Donnelle and Jan - Coding Q&A

Dec 7 - Conference
Rick Tuck, MD - Coding a Day… In The Life of a Busy Pediatrician
Chip Hart - Pediatric Benchmarks

Dec 7 - Post-Conference
Rick Tuck, MD - Tuck’s Top Ten Lost Opportunities to Increase Your Bottom LineChip Hart - Successful Patient Recall Strategies
Chip Hart - Set Your Prices Fairly And Easily

You can see details about the conference in general and sign up online.

What's the difference between "Pre-", "Post-", and the conference?  Those are just different segments they like to sell so you don't need to pay for the entire event if you only wish to see one thing...but, c'mon.  Who doesn't need all of the above?  There are also a dozen+ other subjects being taught in general - from how to survive and audit to HIPAA compliance.

OK, let's see who reads down this far.  If you are interested in going, I am offering a $200 discount to the first three people who request one.  Just ask, sign up, and it's yours!