April 17 Coding Conference Update

Registrations have been flying in for our coding conference in April.  Interestingly, most of them are from "out of town" practices - TX, TN, OH, you name it.  We were told by the hotel that DC-folks are notorious for signing up at the last minute...we may be telling them that there's no room at the inn.  Literally- the difficult part for those coming from out of town will be finding hotel space.  The WWW site has 4 or 5 options listed, but don't get caught without a place to stay.  Sign up now.

The important news, however: we have CEU credits!  That's right, 5 official CEU credits for attending the day for those who need them.  I don't know that we've updated the WWW site yet to indicate this, but we got the news yesterday.

Finally, we are working on producing this event (in both full-day and 1/2 day versions) in different places around the country.  If you think a pediatric practice management seminar would go over well near you, let me know.  Really.