Amazing List of Screening Tools

I originally started this blog as an effort to publicly share resources and stories that I've gathered over the years and boy did I just land a doozy.  Thanks to Jan @ PCC, who dug up A Table of All Screening Tools and Rating Scales.  I presume - and encourage verification - that these are all "approved" tools that merit use of the 96110 code, but it's important to be aware of them even if they are not approved.

I am particularly enamoured by how the list is organized: first, by symptoms (anxiety vs. depression vs. ADD, etc.), then by age, number of questions, who completes the form, time to complete the form, and whether or not the tool is free.  Awesome.  It then includes details about each tool with links to the tools or where to purchase them.

Thanks to Jan and to Mass General for putting this list together.  Bookmark this blog entry!