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Against the Grain

In 2007, CMS gave values to two important pediatric codes for the first time, the 92551 (hearing test) and the 99173 (vision screen). Sure, the values aren't astronomic, but that extra ~$10 for each test, which are part of a standard well visit, means a lot to a pediatrician.

Then along comes Oxford.

E & M Utilization
Several recent changes to OXP policies related to E & M coding include
bundling the vision screening code 99173 into visit codes. This became
effective 1/1/2007.

Yeah, we'll just ignore CMS entirely and, retroactively, deny paying for  a fundamental preventive care procedure.  You know, one that could save the vision or hearing of your child.

Sigh.  This is, of course, one of hundreds of these little missives our clients get throughout the year.

How do I even know about this?  Because of the lovely work by The Verden Group.  Ignore that silly quote on their front page (I wasn't paid a dime, I promise!), it's a very cool service.

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