$40K For Doing Your Job Well

This came in via SOAPM, so forgive the duplication for some of you.

Pfizer offers a $40,000 grant to the right "Junior Investigators" who will "evaluate community based initiatives to decrease these immunization barriers." The details of the grant are on-line and their FAQ answered a lot of my questions.

What's a "Junior Investigator?"  I hoped one of my kids would qualify, but no luck, at least for the next 20 years or so:

To be eligible for a junior investigator award, applicants must have a professional
degree (MD, PhD, PharmD, or equivalent), reside in the United States, be currently
enrolled in a residency, fellowship, or post-doc program, or be no more than
5 years post-terminal training, and identify and experience research mentor for the project.

I might nominate these guys!