4 Courses to Get You on the Path to Increased Profits and Patient Satisfaction

The Florida Chapter of the AAP is doing it right.  For the last few years, they've leveraged their destination location to host what is clearly one of the best pediatric education events in the country, The Future of the Pediatric Practice.  This year, we've taken the opportunity to extend the event and deliver a special set of "add-on" courses dirt cheap that include Disney food, CMEs/CEUs, and great content.  (Orlando, FL, August 29-September 2, 2018)

First, waltz over to their main site and think about signing up for the main event.  You get a special discount to stay on the Disney property so your family can vacation while you take some classes then everyone enjoys the Labor Day weekend.  This year features Dr. Colleen Kraft delivering an update from the AAP, Dr. Barbara Howard presenting an autism update, and then me.  And that's only the first three speakers on Saturday. 

Then, head over to our special event and sign up.  Here's the cool part: if you're already attending the FCAAP event, the cost is $50 (basically covering food costs).  If you want to attend only this half-day event, it's $125.  Hard to beat the $$:CME:Disney ratio on this.

Here's what I think is the fun part.  At the main event, I'm going to deliver the "Five Biggest Business Mistakes That Pediatricians Make" seminar - attendees will then get to vote on which of the 5 mistakes I'm going to cover in more detail the next day.  I thought we could have some fun with.

I hope to see you there - watch below to see how great this meeting is!