2017 Pediatric Supergroup Event!

The headline gives away the punchline: we're putting on the second-ever Pediatric Supergroup event.  You can see the details for yourself, but given that last year was a sold out success, we expect a larger and even more engaged crowd.  Join us, June 1-3 in Chicago!

We're still working on the speakers, but I expect to have some returning voices and some interesting new additions - including two new professional physician leadership resources and the newly minted CEO of one of the largest pediatric groups in the US.  Last year's line up will be hard to beat, but we just might do it.

Two very important additions to 2017:

  • On the first evening of the event, we will discuss the creation of a national Pediatric Supergroup Association.  We think there's enough national traction and available resources to support a national, pediatrician-led organization dedicated to pediatric supergroups.  It's time to put all of our knowledge and effort together.
  • We're opening a distinct third day of content dedicated specifically to pediatric practice H/R issues.  Time and time again, we hear from our clients that H/R issues are their biggest pain point, so we're going to do an entire day on it.  Not supergroup specific, so think about attending even if you're an army of one and always will be!

What is a Pediatric Supergroup?
The definition of a supergroup varies widely from market to market, but any group of pediatricians 0rganized to combat the challenges of remaining independent is a supergroup.

Whether you’re in a clinically integrated network of diverse practices, part of a single
Tax ID entity that has grown organically over decades, or are a single pediatrician who is considering taking that first important step… we want you here.

Who Should Attend?
Individuals and parties interested and invested in the concept of pediatric supergroups. We expect many of the attendees to be part of supergroups presently, but we encourage those who are considering joining or forming a supergroup to attend.

Space is limited. Last year’s event sold out swiftly.