2015 CPT Update For Pediatricians (feat. Donelle Holle)

Donelle Holle is the greatest.  If you know who she is, I don't need to explain, but for those who don't: Donelle is one of a small handful of pediatric coding speakers worth listening to and perhaps the only person I fear following at a seminar.  Her dedication to pediatric coding education is unsurpassed.

One the SOAPM managers list, Donelle offered to send copies of her latest presentation - 2015 CPT changes for pediatricians - to anyone who asked.  After nearly 100 requests, I reached out to Donelle to ask if I could just host the piece here on the blog to save her some time.  She agreed.

My sincere thanks to Donelle for not only doing this work, but sharing it freely.

2015 Pediatric CPT Update


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