Free 2018 RVU Calculator

Welcome to the free 2018 RBRVS Calculator. Some big changes to the calculator this year. Check below for details. [Edited on Aug 8, 2018 for new GPCI values and a process improvement.] As you may know, the AMA won’t let anyone provide a free RVU calc...
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2018 GPCI Analysis - Get it here first!

[Update - I noticed that I made a mistake in the original data I posted here...yikes! This post has been updated to reflect the accurate values.] The 2018 RBRVS Final Rules got published last month, so we can start to pick apart the results and make ...
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Free 2017 RVU Calculator

Welcome to the free 2017 RBRVS Calculator. Important update: there are some considerable updates to the RBRVS data this year, especially in the GPCI figures! More details to follow this week.
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Free 2016 RVU Calculator

Welcome to the free 2016 RBRVS Calculator. As you may know, the AMA won’t let anyone provide a free RVU calculator that includes CPT codes due to their CPT copyrights. In an abundance of caution and, because in our unhappy experience, the AMA interpr...
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RVU Comparison Data Fixed

A watchful eye pointed out that some of the data I published comparing 2014 to 2011 RVU values for common pediatric codes was off. I fixed it all last night. The results are still the same, however: 2014 is definitely better than 2011 (and previous y...
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Podcasts/Chip Hart

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I had a great time speaking to Drs. Bravo and Rogu on their growing podcast, The Pediatric Lounge, to discuss the state of independent pediatricians and the use of data in a pediatric practice. They are cranking out episodes (which is a good thing) and anyone who supports independent pediatricians should tune in to their effort. What they are doing takes a tremendous amount of work and their guest list is amazing (well, besides me). They turned our conversation into back-to-back episodes (32 and 33), "Independent Pediatric Practice 2022" and "Data Data Data and Managing a Pediatric Office." If you prefer video, you catch up on their YouTube channel.
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