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Best Breast Feeding Presentation...Ever

December 24, 2014 / 7 Comments / in breast feeding, Editorial / by Chip Hart

No need to look for a good breast feeding presentation any longer.  This is it.  Every expecting family, every pediatrician, everyone you know should spend the 11 minutes needed to watch Todd Wolynn speak about breast feeding.  It's compelling, it's funny, it's painful.  And in the end, it's inspiring.


The presentation isn't great simply because of the content, the delivery is excellent (and funny) too and the position is impossible to refute.

Here's Todd's brief explanation:

The presentation was at the "Edges of Learning" (www.LPinc-unboxed.org/about/) event November 14-15, 2014. Leadership Pittsburgh sponsored a similar learning experience at the same venue as a TEDx in 2009. This time Leadership Pittsburgh conducted the event using the 'Unboxed' format.

The target audience is: EVERYONE... it is a 10,000ft overview of my other Breastfeeding-related presentations re:

  • Breastfeeding = Health Benefits for Mom + Baby + Society.
  • The U.S. Formula Culture
  • The historically poor state of support for U.S. Healthcare to support Breastfeeding.
  • Recognition of Breastfeeding Support ROI for companies and as a nation
  • Paths to success/Call to Action for Breastfeeding Promotion and Support.

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