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96110 Update

Written by Chip Hart | Apr 8, 2009 2:39:36 PM

I've written extensively about 96110 usage among practicing pediatricians in the past and wanted to provide an update for 2008/9.

96110 Charge Reimbursement Data

(Paid-off Charges, 2008/9)


Average Ins.
Average Pers.
Average Total
2008 $40.26 $11.01 $1.41 $12.42
2009 $38.40 $12.50 $.98 $13.48

The declining personal charges combined with the increasing insurance payments (increasing at a faster rate) imply that, indeed, more and more payers are picking up this code.

More telling?  That the number of PCC clients using this code increased by more than 50% (Q1 2008 vs. Q1 2009) and now nearly 1/2 of our clients are using this code regularly.  Why aren't you?