The Podcast Is Back!

Update: iTunes users can subscribe to the podcast right here!

That’s right, the mellifluous sounds of my voice are back. It’s an entirely new podcast – new program, new people…same focus, though.

When Brandon and I retired the Pediatric Practice Management Awesomecast, we agreed that either of us might start recording again at some time and I couldn’t wait much longer (neither can he, I believe, and I expect to see something from him soon).

The new podcast has some changes, of course. There’s a new name – I stayed up really late and came up with “Confessions of a Pediatric Practice Management Consultant Podcast” – and I’ll be driving solo…except that I expect to have a guest or two on every episode.  We also have a new method for recording the podcasts, so the audio quality will be substantially better.  It will also make the conversations more fluid and less “jerky.”  I decided we didn’t need to make this video cast – if you need some pictures to tape on your screen, let me know.

We’ve already recorded a few episodes to have in the tank and I have some amazing guests and topics lined up.  Honestly, I can’t wait to record them and share.

How can you listen to it?  First, you can just click on the player below and stream right now.  Later, however, you might want to go to the WWW page.  You’ll be able to see the episodes archives and have links to any of the materials we reference during the show (really important in episode 1!).  When I get my act together in a day or two, you’ll be able to subscribe directly to the podcast in iTunes.

In this first episode, I spend time with Jan Blanchard, from PCC, discussing the ICD-10 transition in 3 weeks!

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    • Chip Hart
      Chip Hart says:

      If you click on the “Episode Info” in the app above OR if you go to the podcast WWW site and look at the episode information there, you should see the links! Let me know if you don’t get them.

      • Drew Sanders
        Drew Sanders says:

        Right, I saw the ICD-10 Index from and the AAP superbill. I also saw the slides from the ICD-10 seminars. However, she had also mentioned another tool she called the “audit checklist” at around the 17 minute mark of the podcast. This may be linked on the seminars page, but I wasn’t sure which link she was mentioning.

  1. Toby
    Toby says:

    Great podcast Jan and Chip! Any chance you are giving a similar talk at NCE or anywhere else…or are they exclusively for PCC clients (insert sad face emoticon here)?

    • Chip Hart
      Chip Hart says:

      We’d love to be at the NCE for this, but I’m sure the AAP gets its official folks in there. We have completed our entire series of live ICD-10 training around the country for our clients already (with the deadline 2 weeks away). However, the video is available for public consumption. Not the same as being in class, but better than nothing.


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