Susanne Madden arrives on the scene!

My apologies for brevity and inconsistency, but we are in the midst of a family emergency and I am racing out of town.  In my potential absence over this Thanksgiving week – and later, to augment or even replace your reading here – check out Susanne Madden’s blog!  Many of you know her from PedTalk (in particular) and her detailed and passionate analyses of nearly all things managed care.

I suspect her blog will be less frequent, though of higher and more consistent quality than, say, this one.  I am hoping for a little good-impression-by-association.   I sincerely wish there were more competition in this blog business for high quality examination of the managed care industry from the perspective of the private practices.  Perhaps Susanne and I can duke it out for the role – we’d all benefit.

Congrats and good luck, Susanne.

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