Spring 2011 Seminar Schedule

The sign-up sites for the different pediatric events involving numerous SOAPM folks, besides
myself, in the next few months – Oken, Madden, Betancourt,
many more – are finally up, so I can blog about it.   Whew. Rich Lander is speaking at at least 3 of them!

Richmond, VA, Mar 3-6, 2011:

The Art and Business of Pediatrics.  Pediatric Alliance and VA AAP.

Great event.
I did it last year and loved it.

Miami, FL, Mar 25, 2011:
UofMiami and Masters of Pediatrics.  It was a great event last year and I saw a lot of   SOAPM folks there.
Looking forward to another fun one.



Livingston, NJ, Mar 28, 2011:
St. Barnabas is hosting this dinner event.  Can’t beat the price 🙂


There is also PCC’s summer UC, which as many of you know is not just
for PCC clients; it features tons of SOAPM content and the AAP itself.
Please save the date!

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