Flu Vaccine Poster and Smoking Survey

Two important resources from my SOAPM friends.

Part one, from Jose Lopez @ AAP:

SOAPM partnered with the AAP’s Childhood Immunization Support Program to
produce the attached poster for AAP members at no charge. Please feel
free to print (11×17 paper) and display it in your practice, we hope
that you like it! Feel free to distribute- we will be posting online
soon. And don’t forget to have your practice staff get their flu shots
if they haven’t already!

PDF attached herein.

Part two, from Dr. Berman:

As you are aware, there are now CPT codes for smoking cessation
counseling (99406 and 99407).  Since I practice in the “chaw belt” of
the US, this is something I’m starting to use more.  However, the CPT
definition of 99406-7 states the codes should not be
reported when it’s the parent/caregiver smoking — only the child.

As pediatricians, we see lots of kids with recurrent OM, wheezing,
“allergies,” etc., where a code for parent smoking might be helpful.
Certainly you can use 99212-5 as a time based code, but that’s only if
you spend > half the visit doing counseling.  In
my practice, typically I’ll spend the bulk of my time on the child’s
issue (OM, cough) and then spend a few minutes talking to the family
about passive smoke exposure.  That is, I don’t hit the 50% threshold on

I’ve done a few Code Change Proposals for CPT before, so I would be
happy to take this on.  But if y’all think this is not needed, or a
Supremely Bad Idea, please be frank.


Would you use a parent/caregiver smoking counseling code?   Take the poll!

Do it!

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