EHR Impact on Primary Care, Part II

A few weeks ago, I covered the first round of results from the survey produced by Physicians’ Alliance that examined the impact of EHRs on time and productivity in the primary care market.  The results were interesting, to say the least, and support the results of our Chipsblog poll (more on that below).

PhysAll has now posted the second round of results, complete with pretty pictures and actual data.  This time, they delve into the differences among specialties and between owners and employed clinicians.  My takeaway is that practices using specialty specific EHRs <cough cough> are happier, but I can’t say that for certain given the nature of the data.  But pediatricians, take heart in your circumstance given what the Internists report.

More about our local poll here.

How much extra time do you spend charting in your EHR every day?

As of the time of this writing, 57% of those who responded chart for 60 extra minutes or more as the result of their EHRs.  Ouch.

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  1. Joe Nasca
    Joe Nasca says:

    Every time I see data like this I’m pleased with my decision to stick with paper clinical recording of the visit. Basic PCC works well for most of my EHR needs. Pocket partner is a great app, I use it every day.
    Joe N. In VT

    • Chip Hart
      Chip Hart says:

      Just note that the data presented includes a very, very broad range of EHRs and specialties. The PCC data is, well, a little better I believe. We are working on trying to determine the real affect – we’ve already seen many instances of physicians “feeling” one way about their productivity but the data saying something else. We’ll see!

  2. Robert Kevin Moore
    Robert Kevin Moore says:

    even though I’m spending more time I feel like I am more organized. My notes are better. definitely more legible. so I’m happy with the extra time, because I feel like its making me more organized, my charts are better, and I feel like I’m doing better medicine.


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