Buying A New Vaccine Fridge

I recently mentioned the awesome vaccine management productions put on by the AAP (via SOAPM) and I hope everyone here had a chance to participate in the seminar.  If you didn’t, here are the awesome handouts!

During our Users’ Conference last week, a client approached me with questions about buying a new refrigerator for vaccine storage.  I realized that our AAP/SOAPM friends had put together an effective “Vaccine Fridge Buyer’s Guide.”  I asked SOAPM if I could share the document and they graciously agreed.  Here it is for the world to read.   So, if you are buying a fridge for your office, read this first!

Sizing A Vaccine Refrigerator

Thanks, SOAPM (and Dr. Barden).

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  1. Jill Smith
    Jill Smith says:

    What are your thoughts on vaccine temp logging? Our state does not require it yet, but I’m curious as to whether other clinics are opting to pay for this service.

    • Chip Hart
      Chip Hart says:

      I think it’s something every practice should do.

    • It’s required for VFC; you may not give VCF vaccines, but it’s nice to have your monitoring in place should you decide to;
    • Although not needed for a temperature alarm system, most of the sophisticated ones include it automatically, so why not? You DO get a call/text if your power goes out and/or the fridge gets too warm/cold…right?
    • Finally, it’s ultimately the right thing to do clinically. Would you knowingly give a vaccine that you know had fallen outside the temperature requirements? Of course not. So keep an eye on it!
    • My $.02, feel free to ignore.

  2. Brandy McCray
    Brandy McCray says:

    From personal experience and from collections of SOAPM stories, I will second Chip’s recommendation regarding temperature logging and notification. I have a Temperature Guard monitoring system installed. It has saved my vaccines twice in the last month. Once because the freezer was left partially opened and the next because we had a huge Texas thunderstorm that caused a power outage overnight. As I was driving to my office at 4 a to rescue vaccines, I passed two nearby offices. Their power was out, too, with no cars around. The power wasn’t restored for 12 hours. I hope those two practices had monitors as well. Brandy McCray, MD
    San Antonio, TX


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