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Pediatric 99174 Usage

Written by Chip Hart | Aug 18, 2008 3:31:13 PM

A little while ago, someone bravely asked to see 99174 usage data among pediatricians.

For those who aren't family, the 99174 is new in 2008. To quote the CPT book (but not enough to attract the ire of the AMA), the 99174 is "Ocular photoscreening with interpretation and report, bilateral."

So, waltzing into the massive PCC database, we instances of the 99174 among our clients. None, zippo, nada. That doesn't help! Therefore, I turn to the new poll on the left. Anyone here using the 99174? Getting paid? Tell us more. The code itself is scheduled to get more/better RVUs in 2009, so perhaps it's time to pay attention.