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Fast Facts About Urgent Care (Parents Magazine, 12/13)

Written by Chip Hart | Nov 16, 2013 4:10:10 AM

Update: Parents magazine has provided a direct link to the article.  Head there!

I may get a take-down notice for the following attachment, but I'll do my best to provide full citation and credit. I think this message is too important to hide behind a pay-only site.

Below is a PDF scan from the December 2013 issue of Parents magazine featuring an article from Dr. Ari Brown (bravo for penning it) about the pros and - often - cons of using an Urgent Care Clinic.  It's not that they are bad, per se, but when they are used as a first resort, instead of relying on your pediatric-expert medical home...well, trouble starts.

Plus, I am obviously impressed by the pediatric software company that was able to gather data to share about pediatric after-hours usage.

Fast Facts About Urgent Care (Parents Magazine, 12/13)