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CDC Immunization Price List

Written by Chip Hart | Mar 17, 2008 8:51:18 PM

I'm never afraid to parrot good content, so allow me to create an easy-to-find place marker for the CDC immunization price list, care of a reminder from Susanne Madden. Here's a sample of the data:


Brandname/ Tradename


CDC Cost/Dose

DTaP Tripedia®
10 pack - 1 dose vials
10 pack - 1 dose vials

Private Sector Cost/Dose

Contract End Date


03/31/2008 Sanofi Pasteur

Although the "Private Sector Cost/Dose" is of dubious value, it's at least a start (in other words, if you are consistently paying more than this figure, time to check out one of the immunization buying groups). I also find it useful because I can never remember which brandname goes with which vaccine, I always get them wrong.
Oh, you can find this chart here.