The Verden Effect

A couple weeks ago, the Verden Alert gave me this little notice about Oxford:

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Cut Out The Middleman

It appears that the chorus of people suggesting that we cut out the middleman in our physician-insurance-patient tripod (to mix metaphors) has grown even larger. I will continue to write about the...

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Immunization/Vaccine Chart

It's been a rough week, especially over at PedTalk. The autism/vaccines "debate" has poisoned the waters of discussion pretty badly and I have a feeling that some of the anti-vaccine crowd is trying...

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WSJ Looking into UHC Problems - Help Out!

From Susanne Madden, queen of The Verden Group:

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More Housecleaning

I have a backup of pediatric benchmarks (a really cool location-adjusted revenue one is coming), but some items I have to get out of my queue:

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