AAP RBRVS Policy Statement (+PP)

December 02, 2008 / 0 Comments / in physicians practice, rvu, Uncategorized, aap / by Chip Hart

The AAP has updated and revised its RBRVS policy statement and it is included in December's Pediatrics.  Yours truly provides the full PDF here, as it remains the best description of the state of...

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Charging For Noncovered Services

I received this wonderful note the other day:

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Convergence of Friends

April 03, 2007 / 0 Comments / in News, physicians practice, Events, ghana / by Chip Hart

Physician’s Practice just ran this article [may be broken]. It’s a real treat for me because, once Dr. Stoller does her presentation about Ghana at our 2007 Users’ Conference, then all three of the...

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