Introducing River Valley Physicians GPO

I'd like to quickly continue my effort to introduce pediatricians to GPOs with this episode devoted to RVPI in Ohio. If you're not in a GPO, you're missing. A LOT.

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Imms Purchasing, Chapter 2: Physicians' Alliance

A few weeks ago, I did my first piece on the different group purchasing organizations focused on immunizations whom I know, Main Street Vaccines.  My goal is to provide an introduction to each of the...

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Imms Purchasing, Chapter 1: Main Street Vaccines

This is the kind of news that is too much at the cross section of the things that interest me that I can't pass up sharing it.  Now, if only I can get Iron Maiden to do a flu shot PSA, I'll be set.

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Pediatric Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs)

A quick search of my blog tells me that I have mentioned the concept of Group Purchasing Organizations at least five other times already. However, given that it seems like half of the practices I...

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