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With the Obama administration arrival only a few weeks away, the discussion about CCHIT’s long-term viability is starting to heat up.  Even though I am on the Child Health Workgroup and appreciate...

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Busted at C-C-H-I-T

In the midst of our CCHIT Guidance morning, we've been getting a bit of a lecture about how to communicate issues relating to CCHIT. Who speaks for whom, what information we can share, etc. There...

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Another OSS Update (+CCHIT)

I am in lovely Chicago prepping for my CCHIT Child Health Group meeting over the next two days. Most of my prep has been practicing saying C-C-H-I-T instead of "C-CHIT". Apparently, the latter is...

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If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

The letter begins:

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Fun with CCHIT (New Child Health Certification Criteria)

CCHIT has announced the new optional Child Health Certification Criteria. Click on the link, read the PDF, get a sense of what hoops the pediatric EHR world is going to have to jump through shortly.

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Who Should Pay For the EHR?

The AMA reports that:

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More Practical CCHIT Information

After my original posting about CCHIT and pediatricians, I heard from a number of folks off-line. I had the beginning of an excellent conversation of someone associated with the AAP's effort to...

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CCHIT and Pediatricians

Over the past year or so, we have had a lot of questions here at PCC about CCHIT certification. "Will PCC's EHR be certified? Is a non-CCHIT certified EHR bad? Do we need a CCHIT certified EHR?"

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