Vaccine Refusal Policy Survey

I am trying to get an understanding of the relative percentage of pediatric practices who have vaccination requirements for their patients.  I don’t know for certain how common it really is – my gut feeling is that far more practices try to limit their patient bases to those who actively vaccinate than is understood.

I’ve put together a VERY fast survey – 90 seconds! – that I’m asking everyone who works for, works in, or owns a pediatric practice to complete.  I’ll leave it open for a week or so and then make the results public here.

Thank you!

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  1. Josh Tardy
    Josh Tardy says:

    Great survey. Interesting results. I agree with your premise.

    Two technical points:
    #6 says select all that apply, but I could only select one answer.
    Vaccines listed did not include Hep A, which is mandatory in Texas and which I require in my policy.

    Thanks Chip!

    Josh Tardy


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