Sep 16

Fear And Loathing in Columbus, OH (UHC, Humana)

I am in lovely Columbus, OH, about to meet Dr. Lander, Donelle Holle, and some clients for dinner as we prepare for our pediatric coding and practice management event tomorrow morning.  We obviously won’t have the crowds we get in … Continue reading

Aug 06

Broken Promises

Yes, I’m breaking my promise to post the appeal letter today. However, that’s not the promise for which today’s entry is titled. Something more important needs to be communicated. I’ve written many times about Susanne Madden and her Verden Alerts. … Continue reading

May 05

Perhaps I Spoke Too Soon (More UHC/Ingenix and Oxford/Alerts)

Just as Dr. Stoller hit PedTalk with the info, I was reading the teaser over on FierceHealthcare: Now, a consumer is raising the stakes a bit by attempting to get class action status for a suit against Ingenix itself. I’ve … Continue reading

Apr 21

Verden Group’s First Managed Care Report

Awesome, just awesome. I love it. Over at The Verden Group, they’ve been busy working on their quarterly ranking program of the 160+ managed care organizations they track. They’ve developed a unique scoring system that allows you to see, in … Continue reading

Feb 23

WSJ Looking into UHC Problems – Help Out!

From Susanne Madden, queen of The Verden Group: I had an interesting conversation with a reporter at the WSJ this afternoon. She would be very interested in speaking any physicians who have experienced service and claim issues with UnitedHealthcare. If … Continue reading

Feb 14

Andrew Cuomo, UnitedHealthCare: Duh

Those of you who have the misfortune of having spent time with me know that I tell a lot of stories, often more than once. I also use the same punchlines a lot. One little routine I’ve inserted into seminars, … Continue reading

Feb 01

More Housecleaning

I have a backup of pediatric benchmarks (a really cool location-adjusted revenue one is coming), but some items I have to get out of my queue: A WSJ view of a program being put together by some major employers (Bridges … Continue reading