Nov 22

Confirming That Medicaid Check [Updated 12/04/13]

Please note the update below! At the PMI practice management talk last week*, I ran through my usual RVU course which concludes with a walkthrough of the free RVU calculator.  It dawned on me that it has a new use … Continue reading

Dec 08

2012 Free RBRVS Calculator [Updated 01/19/12]

[Updated for 2013!] [Updated on 10/11/12 to reflect the Revised RVU release.]  Welcome to the free 2012 RBRVS Calculator.  Please note that this is in BETA, as it refers to an annual conversion factor of $24.60. Past experience suggests that … Continue reading

Jan 11

2008 RVU Spreadsheet and Calculator Complete

Whew.  They are up.  Want to know what the RVU values for the top 30 codes in pediatrics will be in 2008? Want to check any code?  I finished the Build-Your-Own RVU Calculator for 2008 and the Online Pediatric RVU … Continue reading