Aug 04

Primary Care Audio Conference Series

As I work on my great content for tomorrow, I just realized that I haven’t blogged about the upcoming Primary Care Audio Conference Series sponsored by Physicians Alliance and produced by PCC. You can read about the entire thing (including … Continue reading

Aug 01

Quick Users’ Conference Update

The blog is going to be thin this week because I’m dawn to dusk at the Users’ Conference. Today is our official Practice Management Conference and I still have to get my “keynote” speech together within the hour! Time to … Continue reading

Jul 23

Questions and Answers from April Pediatric Practice Management and Coding Conference

Long overdue, but I did try to get them right. Thanks go out to Donelle Holle as well as Igor and Q who helped check them out before posting. If you’d like a nice, neat copy, you can download the … Continue reading

Jul 22

Verden Quarterly Report Released

The Verden Quarterly Report (Q2 2008) has been released! This is an amazing resource and the little comments about each ranking (in the blue box, off to the side of each page) are quite enlightening. And the price is right. … Continue reading

Jul 08

Fall 2008 Pediatric Coding and Practice Management Conference

Whew, we have finally gotten our ducks in a row and announce our Fall Pediatric Coding and PM conference in Columbus, OH on September 17. It’s the usual deal: AAP endorsed and AAP members get in cheaper. The individual class … Continue reading

Jul 07

Another Immunization-Vaccine Chart

It’s been tough getting to the blog the last week or so. I’ve been busy getting ready for our Pediatric Practice Management Conference in August (why aren’t you signed up?!) and will announce later this week a new AAP-endorsed event … Continue reading

Apr 29

Physician’s Practice Surveys

Every year, Physician’s Practice magazine runs a series of surveys focusing on certain practice management issues – I’ve referenced their income report more than once – and they are running two more right now: The Annual Fee Schedule Survey The … Continue reading

Apr 28

Coding and Practice Management Followup

Whew – after the conference on the 21st, I then spent a week in DC with my family (woohoo!) and have returned to over 160 follow-up questions that PCC has promised to answer. Those who attended the conference will receive … Continue reading

Apr 21

Verden Group’s First Managed Care Report

Awesome, just awesome. I love it. Over at The Verden Group, they’ve been busy working on their quarterly ranking program of the 160+ managed care organizations they track. They’ve developed a unique scoring system that allows you to see, in … Continue reading