New Patient Visit Benchmark and the ACA

I mentioned I had a lot of work to do after the NCE this week.  Here’s one of the items hanging over my head (next: Down Syndrome growth charts!). During my lecture on pediatric benchmarks, someone threw me a curveball.  I feel like I’m usually pretty good with my ability to answer questions about the …

Practice Management at the 2012 AAP NCE

In years past, I have gone through the entire NCE schedule and highlighted the talks or meetings I had hoped to crash.  This year, Jose Lopez (the manager of the SOAPM section), put this awesome handout together. This puts my work to shame.

“Practice” Sessions for 2011 NCE

Start your planning for next month now.  Care of Siouxsie, here’s a list of all the “practice” related sessions in Boston.  Highlights, though I’m sure I’ll miss some, are below.  Rumor has it that I might be speaking in one or more of these as a secret weapon:    Scheduled Time and Place  Faculty  Program …